Onion loader

The SU-Tech onion harvester with hedgehog belt is designed to be able to load onions in a product-friendly manner but with high capacity.


The onion loader contains a narrow first sieving web, this web runs very smooth.

The second sieving web is wider than the first web, which ensures an optimal sieve surface. This sieving belt is equipped with a shaker which can be set in intensity from the tractor. The web is equipped with special bars to prevent rerolls of onions.

The Hedgehog belt can be adjusted from the tractor in incline and speed, this allows the Hedgehog belt to be aggressively set in the event of a weed spot.

The 1.20 wide discharge belt is suitable for achieving very high capacities. By means of a special slide plate the onions are distributed to the discharge belt. The discharge belt has a very large range, boxwagons and the largest type of tippers can be loaded.

The onion loader is provided with a steered drawbar and wheel shaft.

Detail Beak Force Hedgehog Band Onions Charger


The onion charger is fully hydraulically driven. All rotating parts (webs, hedgehog belt and discharge belt) are driven by a pump on the PTO. All hydraulic functions are controlled by tractor-hydraulics.

The loader is completely made up of universal parts which allows maintenance to be carried out by each mechanization company.

If you wish, the charger can be adjusted to details, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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