Onion loader

SU-Tech’s onion loader was developed to load onions in a product-friendly way with high capacity. The pintle belt makes it possible to pick and load the onions efficiently in a controlled way. This first narrow web belt runs very flat and loads very accurately due to the small return roller.

The second web is wider and provides an optimal sieving surface. The special bars prevent the onions rolling back. The intensity of the “shaker” can be adjusted from the tractor. The same is true of setting the incline angle and the speed of the pintle belt itself. This is particularly useful in weedy areas. We avoid any negative impact on the product as much as possible with the limited working height.

The discharge belt is 1.15 metres wide and can achieve very high capacity. The outlet itself also has a wide range. It can load bin trailers, tilt trucks and even the largest tippers without any problems. The steered drawbar and wheel axle make manoeuvring a breeze.


Simplicity, pragmatism and long-lasting quality are at the forefront of the design of our machines, including the onion loader. Every SU-Tech machine complies with current regulations and is subject to RDW inspection. Although the onion loaders are a permanent fixture in SU-Tech’s range, the details of the machines can be customised.

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