Special builds

In addition to a series of standard products, we are also constantly developing customised solutions for special requirements.

Work method

We start with the requirement, the problem or the challenge, whatever you want to call it. We use all the knowledge and expertise we have in-house to think about a suitable solution. Together, we come up with something that draws on knowledge of the land. We propose ideas, work them out, brainstorm and take a different approach when necessary. We love solving these puzzles.


Step by step, the concept becomes more concrete and we keep eliminating the bottlenecks together. This continues until it is time for a 3D model of the machine we have in mind. In this way, we work towards a tailor-made proposal.

Onion loader test field

An example of a special build is a machine for loading test fields of onions.

This machine was specially made to lift small varieties of onions and load them into crates in a continuous process. These crates are transported to the wagon alongside.