Customized solutions

For special issues, SU-Tech provides customized solutions.

SU-Tech’s special builds always start with the customer’s question. Then all knowledge and skills are used to come to a suitable solution. Brainstorming, testing, improving; step by step the concept becomes more concrete until a 3D representation of the desired machine appears. This is how SU-Tech works towards a customized proposal.

Step by step, the concept becomes more concrete and we keep eliminating the bottlenecks together. This continues until it is time for a 3D model of the machine we have in mind. In this way, we work towards a tailor-made proposal.

Trial field onion loader

This machine to load trial fields of onions is a nice example of special construction by SU-Tech.

The custom-built machine is designed to load small variety trials of onions in a continuous process and load them into crates. These crates are then transported to the wagon next door.

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