Onion loader single swath

Achieve high loading capacity in a product-friendly way with SU-Tech’s onion loader. This highly maneuverable machine picks onions quickly and in a controlled manner, with minimal impact on the product.

The narrow first sieving web runs on a low angle and picks up extra sharply due to the small turning roller, while the wider second web provides an optimal sieving surface. The special bars prevent the onions from rolling back. Foliage, dirt and weeds are removed from the onions by the hedgehog belt, which is adjustable in speed and angle.

The onion loader is powered by its own hydraulic system and has an elevator that is available in two widths.


  • Product-friendly loading
  • High capacity
  • Quick turnaround due to great maneuverability
  • With hedgehog belt for removing weeds
  • Elevator available in two widths
  • Driven by its own hydraulic system

Extra pick-up

The onion loader single swath can be expanded with a module for additional pick-up. With this module, twice as many onions can be loaded without increasing driving speed.

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